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About Us

Pretentious Arts is a rag-tag group of outlaws who don't play by the rules and aim to bring their renegade attitude and style into the world of computer games.

We aim to ask questions with our games. What truly does it mean to "game"? What if it's not possible? Is the act of gaming something I enjoy, or something the mega-corporations have told us I enjoy?

The days of Reptilian-run gaming is over. No more ironsights. No more DL. No more "video-game consoles". No more "yea man i play videogames for escapism i love feeling like a hero". No more Physics-based retro rythmn puzzle-platformers. Look out world. The golden age of gaming has long passed. But now the road has been paved for a new era. A pretentious era. A Pretentious Arts era. If you are indie enough to be in the know about us in our early days, you have the knowledge to become a true indie gaming legend and witness first hand the rise of an indie indpire. No one makes games like us because we break the rules.

So join our collective, and be a part of computer gaming's soon-to-be saviour. and hail satan

me irl

Rodney "Gamer" Nelson
Artist. Designer. Visionary.

sean Sean "Slavery" Lavery
Programmer. Designer. Indie Heart-throb.